Montgomery County, MD
Montgomery County, MD
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
On-line Juror Questionnaire Form System

Office Of The Jury Commissioner, Montgomery County Judicial Center

Message from the Honorable John W. Debelius III, Administrative Judge

You have been randomly selected from either Voter Registration records or Motor Vehicle Administration records for consideration to serve as a juror in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County. The statute requires completion of a juror questionnaire. Unless determined to be disqualified, you may be randomly selected for actual jury service.
Most of those selected will serve as Trial Jurors. The term of service for Trial Jurors is one trial or one day. That is, if a juror serves on a jury, no matter how short or long the trial, it will completely fulfill the juror’s obligation for three years. If the juror reports to the courthouse and is not selected for a trial, this too will completely fulfill the juror’s obligation for three years. Length of trials varies but is currently averaging two to three days.
Jurors will also be selected for service on the Grand Jury. Unless special panels are convened, Grand Jury service lasts for three months. Normally, the Grand Jury meets one day a week, usually on Thursdays.
Please answer all questions on the questionnaire.  Sign and return the printed questionnaire or complete this on-line questionnaire within ten (10) days of the receipt of your questionnaire letter. If you are unable to fill out this form, someone else may do it for you provided that the person who does so also signs the form and the reason for answering by proxy is indicated. If you do not submit this form within ten (10) days, you will be summoned to this office at your expense to complete this form.
This is not a summons for jury service. You will receive a summons approximately one month before service is to commence, if you are selected.